The stars lost their light
When you left me that one night
Nothing was as bright 

It’s as if my heart knew
you before we met
It told me about a
girl so beautiful
and so elegant that
even Aphrodite herself
would be jealous
It told me that one
day I would finally
find what I’ve been
searching for
all this time  

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You have caverns
for eyes and I can’t
help but fall deeper
and deeper into

You are the start of my new life
like the sunrise on a snow covered
mountain after a cold, long winter. 
You melted away all my fears from
the shivering caverns of my heart
and told me that my life was still
worth living, and I finally believed 

I was once
 asked how it 
   felt to be truly
     loved by another


My heart could
only take so
much piercing
from words so

Wounds deeper
than the massive
gorges of the

I know that
all wounds heal
but the scars
will be forever

It was merely a touch
but your fingers felt like
clouds, rolling through 
the sun drenched sky
protecting what was
left of the scarce drought
that was my love 

I sometimes wake up 
in the middle of the
night to talk to the
stars and tell them that
I want to be loved

They say that love conquers all but not even the great golden sun cannot show his love for the dark, silver moon. 

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