I wish you could read this
so I could tell you how much
I’m sorry for what I’ve done. 

I wish we were back at the start
before the unresolved fights
before the secret hatred
before the clock started
ticking backwards on us.

I never got the chance to tell you
how beautiful I thought you were
I never got to hold your hand and 
promise you the moon and the stars. 
I never got to embrace you and recite
the cliché words from dead poets’ lips.

Sometimes I dream about you, 
about us. 

We’re sitting on a park bench
and our laughs are carried away
by the cool breeze. 
We’re both smiling. 
We’re both happy. 

I wish we could start again, 
erase the tears from the 
chalkboard of life. 

But that’d never happen
you won’t even get to read this
and we’ll eventually expire, 
just memories blown away
by the sands of time. 

but sometimes, 
I still wish to hear
our laughter in the air. 


I wanted to liberate myself from you
Tear at the pages you wrote inside my book.

But I couldn’t

Because when I grasped the pages
I realized that the ink had bled through
Leaving scarred marks
Forever imprinted on my soul.

I can’t make you love me
I can’t get your heart beat with mine
I can’t give you everything
but I promise you one thing
I’ll love you til the sun refuses to shine  

All that matters is the here and the now
I promise to love you, just tell me how. 

I’m just waiting
for a signal
just waiting for
a cue
to tell you that
you’re everything
and say
I love you 

Sometimes I tell myself that it’s alright
that things are headed somewhere good
but it’s not the cause of my endless fright
I’m scared it doesn’t end up the way it should  

Then the day fell in love with the night
and it all just seemed so right.  

You’re beautiful! 

        I scream
               to your


                                             seem to

There’s something in the rain that’s tranquil
and I’m sure that it’s something good
Sometimes I need to be thankful
because nature’s working the way it should  

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