I. Stained.
Your tears are still on the
sleeves of my shirt and I
could still breathe in your
sweet aroma and it’s
killing me slowly.

II. Stripped.
I’m waiting for you to
come back to me,
to hold you again
to visit the place where
we first started.

III. Watered down.
I was standing at the door
hoping to God the knob
turns, and you walk in.
You never did.

IV. Soaked.
I found someone new
but she’s not like you.

V. Washed.
I’m somehow happy with
what I have now, but your
face still haunts me, your voice
still wants me.

VI. Bleached.
I was wrong, She’s lovely
more than I could ask for really,
I hope you’re happy.

VII. Clean.
We were walking down the
aisle, and I swear
I saw your face in the